Written by Katie
14 Apr 2009

You’re killing me Pratt

“My final objective in life is to have a handbag line.” —Stephanie Pratt to Kelly Cutrone, on The Hills.

Oh ry ry?! I would be ever so grateful if I could get an interview with Kelly someday in my life. I would never want to cross her nor make her laugh at me. Stephanie you don’t belong at People’s Revolution. You were lucky Lauren was able to pull some strings for you but you need to go somewhere else. Doesn’t Kimora Lee Simmons have a handbag line also? I think she’s more your style. You clearly don’t know where you’re interviewing for. Obviously last night’s episode was a lesson in how NOT to act in an interview.

“I’m so nervous right now I’m sorry!”

Annemarie and I lol’ed throughout the painful ordeal.

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