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28 Apr 2009

Vader Project

While we’re on the subject of conventions…

Since it began in 2007, the Vader Project features 100 of the best underground artists and designers who come together for this one event to show everyone their idea of what Darth Vader should look like. Each helmet is customized with it’s own unique taste. Not only are they on display at various Star Wars conventions around the world, but they are now hitting museums, the first being at the Warhol in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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28 Apr 2009


Yep. This…will really exist. From July 30-August 2 2009 the Sheraton Dallas Hotel will host this conference. Tickets are already on sale and going quick so die-hard Twilight fans I suggest you gather up $255 cause that’s how much it is PER PERSON. If you’re a minor (I have to say this cause apparently young children read my blog.. no joke?) you must have an adult with you. That’s another $255. Either that or your parents love you enough to let you go to this crazy thing.

It’s said that guest appearances by Kellan Lutz, Mike Welch, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facille and Christian Serratos will be present. (In Twilight speak that would be Emmet Cullen, Mike Newtown, Alice Cullen, Chief Swan, Jasper Hale, Carlisle Cullen and Angela Weber.)

For more info – – – >

Not like there’s a recession going on right now or anything…

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28 Apr 2009

Post Grad

Alexis Bledel really hasn’t done anything since Gilmore Girls. And her character in The Sisterhood movies were always kind of blah but this excites me to see her being someone completely different. Plus… I really like her love interest but anyways this looks cute.

28 Apr 2009

The Hills will be retuning for another season without LC

MTV announced today that all of your favorite “characters” from The Hills will be back. As for Lauren, she will be leaving the show (finally) and starting to promote her new clothing line for Kohls.

“Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner, Stephanie Pratt, Lo Bosworth, Justin Bobby and “fresh faces,” will be back, the network teases in a statement.

“Spencer and Heidi will be newlyweds, so the stakes are higher than ever before for the two to make things work,” adds MTV. “Viewers will find out life in Los Angeles only gets more complicated as friendships, relationships and loyalties are tested like never before.”

Epic fail. In the words of Kristen Cavallari, “I’m so over it.”

Source: ONTD

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28 Apr 2009

Dining Out For Life

This Thursday, for one day and night only, Dining Out For Life will be taking over many of Seattle’s restaurants to raise money for AIDS service organizations. Not only is this happening in Seattle, but in major cities all over the country and in Canada.

It really is such a great cause and it’s so easy to give back.

“When you dine at a participating restaurant on this day, 30% of your bill goes directly to our local AIDS organization, and the fight against illness and hunger in our community.”

Seattle U students, get off campus and go eat somewhere else for a change. I know we all get a little tired of C-street and the bistro sometimes so whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails (for those of age) every little bit counts.

For Participating Restaurants

28 Apr 2009

Swine Flu

It’s an epidemic. So watch yourself

I don’t know that much about it but according to google text:

swine flu: swine influenza: an acute and higly contagious respiratory disease of swine caused by the orthomyxovirus thought to be the same virus that caused


tip: check flight status; send HELP FLIGHT to learn more.

^^ totally legit right?

Source: google text via my phone

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27 Apr 2009

Cause I’m running in circles searching the world for you

Last night was literally a blast from the past. I would like to extend a big thank you to The Real You for allowing me to take pictures and giving me the opportunity that I haven’t had in a long time. I took out my camera for the night. You know… that one that I’ve been using a lot lately.

I haven’t shot live photos with this camera since I was sixteen and back then I was very in your face and I found myself last night being a little bit reserved almost intimidated when I shouldn’t have been. Anyways, here are some of my favorites. I’ve forgotten how to edit them the way I used to so all 8 are edited in different ways.
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25 Apr 2009

Joy of Life

On Friday, Dom went in for her tattoo and I brought my camera to document it all. It was actually a really cool experience because I had never seen it being done before and it was Dom’s first tattoo so we had to get this on camera.

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