Month: May 2009

31 May 2009

Song of the Day

Danger Radio – Punch Your Lights Out

bring it back boys!

31 May 2009

Turn It Down

Last night, I stood in front of THE Kenny Choi of Daphne Loves Derby hahah my crush as a fifteen year old was standing right in front of me [singing to me.] hilaricakes. He has aged well… uh within four years.

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31 May 2009

Artists discover art everywhere

When I was younger, I had visions of an artist drawing with pencils or painting with a brush. Of course they came in other forms but growing up around my artist father, this is what I saw. These days, the definition of an artist are found in the most unusual places. Maybe a lite-bright, a magnadoodle, an etch-a-sketch or… the iPhone.

Artist Jorge Colombo created the above “masterpiece,” by using the “Brushes” application on his iPhone. The drawing app costs $4.95 and within an hour he designed this cover of Times Square by finger painting.  Now it is the cover for the June 1st issue of The New Yorker. Not many people are able to land this cover easily, but oddly enough Jorge was able to using just his phone.

31 May 2009

Lego 365

Dan – I-don’t-know-his-name decided to twist up the original Project 365 by including Legos! I’ve only seen just the front page, but I’m almost considering going through the entire set. The guy loves Legos and photography  so much that he wanted to take a picture everyday including them.

I love this. He’s almost done w/ the project too!


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31 May 2009

Why so funny?

Industrial designers Shane Blomberg, John Healy and Andrew Reeves are the people behind Pop’s Stache. Used as drink identifiers, they’re main purpose is just to give people a good laugh.

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31 May 2009


The other day I found this Tumblr dedicated to only Post-Its. I didn’t know if it was a story, if they were sent it from various people etc but I still read through the pages anyways. I love Post-Its.


31 May 2009

Post Secrets 5/31

It’s actually funny how much this topic will come up in conversation. Do you believe it? True/False?

This really doesn’t upset me. It’s weird though that more people I go to school with know about my blog than my actual friends at home.


Instagram did not return a 200.

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