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08 May 2009

Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed

If you’ve been watching Gossip Girl lately, then you’ve probably seen the new segment during the commercial breaks called, Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed. It is sponsored by the televsion series Gossip Girl themselves and Dove go fresh. The mini show it is about four real girls from New York City showing us the behind-the-scenes footage of their lavish lives.

Don’t get it twisted though, these four women did not just get their picture perfect lives handed to them, they actually worked hard to get to where they are today. This video strives to show viewers of the popular hit show, which is mainly young women, “to live life with a fresh perspective and inspire others to pursue their dreams as they juggle common life pressures such as careers, relationships, beauty, finances, family and friends.”

The four women featured are:

  • Chrissie Miller: fashion designer and founder of the Sophomore apparel brand
  • Faythallegra Coleman: emerging Brooklyn-based filmmaker and writer
  • Dani Stahl: style director for Nylon magazine, jewelry designer and “IT” girl
  • Lara Meiland-Shaw: co-founder of a Lara Hélène Bridal Atelier and philanthropist

In relation to the series, Dove has just released their go fresh Burst collection to their product line. It’s a mixture of tangerine and white ginger which is not only perfect for spring but is intended to spark energy and inspiration. The collection is offered in four different fragrances including Burst, Refresh, Energy and Cool Moisture and you can purchase them as a beauty bar, body wash, deodorants, matching body mists, hand and body lotion and hair care.

The mini series will be on the air during Gossip Girl until May 18th! That means you can still catch two more episodes on May 11th and May 18th. The video series will introduce each girl’s story in a 90-second broadcast TV spot airing nationwide during the last commercial break of Gossip Girl episodes on the CW. After that you will be able to catch the finale of each girl’s story by visiting www.cwtv.com/dovegofresh through your computer or your phone.

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  1. lilly wrote:

    Looks really interesting! I’ll have to search some of the past mini episodes

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  2. Hello, very interesting article. I completely agree. I think that establishing relationship with prospective and existing customers is a very important part of every business. Advertising plays a great role in the success or failure most of times. Thank you. I read the article with pleasure.

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