Written by Katie
08 May 2009

Quit Sippin’ that Hello Kitty haterade

I love Hello Kitty. I think everyone who knows me knows that. I have Hello Kitty shirts (they were gifts! but I have 3,) a Hello Kitty calendar, fleece blanket that I drag with me everywhere, hairbrush (in my defense it’s for kids ages 3 and + and it is really easy on my hair,” Hello Kitty lip balm, pens, lanyard and fake key and I have admitted to purchasing the Hello Kitty Meow Berry pop tarts and eating them in high school during morning classes.

I know that all sounds really embarassing but it’s not really. Hello Kitty is a very popular icon and little girls love her, or … adult girls such as myself.

I recently discovered a website created by a man who has a very strong hatred for this cartoonish figure. I’m visiting the website as I speak and it makes me slightly uncomfortable that someone could create a website like this dedicated to a character and how pointless all the items are with it’s face and name associated to it. I’ll admit, Hello Kitty has put out some ridiculous things but… really, what can you do? Just accept it please. Some people like these things. Maybe I’m including myself in that..

Hello Kitty Hell w/ it’s tagline “One man’s life with cute overload,” is a bit much.


Hello Kitty gun

Hello Kitty beer

I should be Hello Kitty next year. My own rendition of course.

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