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19 May 2009

Paramore set to release new album in September

Despite rumors of a breakup, previously canceled concert dates and noticeable tension within the band, Paramore is pulling together to release another album at the end of the summer to cap off their tour with No Doubt.

We went through a lot of heavy stuff as a band … and it was nothing like, ‘Oh, it’s this situation on this day,’ or whatever. It was just, personally, we were all growing up, and sometimes, when you’re growing up, you’re not always growing together,” frontwoman Hayley Williams told MTV News. “And when you don’t talk about it, there’s even more of a gap. … I’ve felt that a lot over the past couple years. We didn’t ever talk about it because we didn’t have time to talk about it.

“So when we finally had all this time to write these songs, and, you know, [guitarist] Josh [Farro] and I hadn’t written in a while — besides what we did for ‘Twilight’ — and all of a sudden, we were in a room together,” she continued. “Like, ‘Hey, let’s write a record that’s bigger than Riot! All these people are expecting it.’ And it didn’t feel healthy, it didn’t feel like us, you know? It didn’t feel like what we started for.”

*** It’s really a shame to see Paramore run into that wall that many bands before them have hit before. Hayley is an incredible performer and I’ve had the privilege of seeing them perform twice, once during their first headlining tour at El Corazon two-three years ago and last year at Bumbershoot. I’ve had this talk w/ Kelly before about why bands end up breaking up (bigger name bands,) and it’s because eventually when you get to that point music is no longer something you just love it becomes a business and that business will tear you apart. You’re not friends anymore, you’re co-workers. You perform because you’re getting paid. It’s shitty and no one wants to believe it but it’s the truth. You also start creating music that’s not exactly your own but what someone tells you will sell records ie) Listen to the difference between “Crushcrushcrush” and “Emergency,” and see for yourself.

I’ll always love Paramore, especially their first album and I hope that things will get better for them and hope that my own friends and bands I’ve worked with in Seattle continue to make music because they love it and not for the attention and their egos.

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