Written by Katie
27 May 2009

Le Smoking

Recently I posted a blog about the website Le Love w/ all the romantic pictures of people and you either loved it or it made you want to hate your life blah blah whatever. Anyways, just discovered a new site called “Le Smoking.” Pretty sure you can figure out what it’s about…

Whether they are inspired by fashion or not these people or models look really great. But I have my own personal reasons for disliking smoking. I was around it as a child and hated the way it affected my late grandfather.

The thing is, these people look good. If my own friends looked THIS good while smoking maybe I’d turn my head a little bit more but the sad not so sad but really honest truth is… you don’t. So I don’t know… quit smoking and look/smell nast or… look better while smoking! positive alternative if you can’t stop.


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  1. Jt wrote:

    Thanks for the tip… i wish i still smoked…

    Posted on 5.27.09 · Reply to comment

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