Written by Katie
31 May 2009

Post Secrets 5/31

It’s actually funny how much this topic will come up in conversation. Do you believe it? True/False?

This really doesn’t upset me. It’s weird though that more people I go to school with know about my blog than my actual friends at home.

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  1. HB wrote:

    in my opinion, the “cool kids” at school were the ones that i DID know.
    “my girls” and “my boys”. THE group. i know you know which individuals fit into those categories so i’m not going to list names. if you ask me, those kids are the epitome of cool and i love them all to death.

    Posted on 5.31.09 · Reply to comment
    • katiewinn wrote:

      wait this confused me a little bit hahah we’ll discuss another time!

      Posted on 5.31.09 · Reply to comment

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