Written by Katie
11 Jun 2009


Why is Kristen Stewart so awkward? When I first saw her in “In the Land of Women,” I thought that was her just her acting. No, it carried on into Twilight, to interviews, and just now on the MTV Movie Awards, which I’m watching.

Kristen, you are a rising star because of the Twilight saga! You can’t stay awk forever =)

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  • Anyone else’s favorite accessory just their hair tie?
  • Smoky San Francisco
  • I’d eat this set up every day. Is mercury poisoning still a thing? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • He said: the lighting is much better in the dressing rooms
I said: 🤚🏽 say no more
  • Our chef surprised us with two matcha ice cream cones the other night!
  • When you’re prepping for the week that is about to begin
  • 〰️
  • 💡
  • 📷 instagram brother

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