Written by Katie
14 Jun 2009

Just in time for summer

I never thought this day would come when someone would decide to invent a swim suit through which sun could pass resulting in NO TAN LINES. The manufacturer Kiniki has decided to produce swimsuit in their “Tan Through” line that are “made of Transol yarn, a synthetic material with tiny holes similar to a fishing net. The holes allow about 80-percent of sunlight to pass through to reach the skin. The fabric is see-through when held up to the light, but when worn, the patterned or brightly-colored fabric supposedly plays tricks on the eye so the wearer’s modesty is protected. Kiniki offers Tan Through one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and wraps for women, and briefs, hipsters, and tangas for men, for a price range of £17.43 to £34.68 (about $28 to $57).”

They say too much sun is bad for you what with.. um.. skin cancer and all so I don’t know if it’s such a great idea for your entire body to be exposed but some people really hate tan lines so if that’s the case, then this is your only solution.


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