Written by Katie
14 Jun 2009

Post Secret 6/14

There’s no real reason why I feel the need to pick favorites each week. Maybe I feel like I can relate to them, maybe I just like them. Post Secret, though a well known project now, is something I felt a connection with from the start. Just knowing  that you can relate to so many people w/o knowing them, seeing them, etc. Is that possible? Can you truly know someone like that? No, you can’t, but you know a part of them. And maybe it brings me comfort knowing that I share a unique part with someone else.

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  1. fkdupdad wrote:
    Posted on 6.14.09 · Reply to comment
  2. Jessica wrote:

    I think that’s what blogging is all about…relating and being relatable.

    No shame in that.

    Posted on 6.14.09 · Reply to comment

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