Written by Katie
24 Jun 2009

People can’t get enough of “my clothes are less than $20.”

NYC Prep talk all day every day. That’s all I’ve been hearing today. Countless reviews, remarks and jabs at the cast.

But what could anyone expect?

These kids made it known to the world that they were essentially spoiled rich kids. I’ve decided that although they may have negative qualities about them, there is at least one thing that I like about each character. Anyways, to add more to the NYC Prep discussion talk post premiere episode, I found a guide on ONTD that will explain all you need to know.

Created by VH1’s Best Week Ever

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  1. your mean wrote:


    Posted on 7.29.09 · Reply to comment
  2. your mean wrote:

    mean mean mean. no ones perfect.

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  3. katiewinn wrote:

    Whoa I hope this isn’t directed to me, I just found this chart somewhere haha

    Posted on 7.29.09 · Reply to comment

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