Written by Katie
24 Jun 2009

Update on Star Face girl

Turns out she lied. (HOBviously! She must have realized it wasn’t going to work when she said she fell asleep during the procedure.)

She asked for 56 stars on her face but when she came home her father was less than pleased so the only way to get herself out of the mess was to say she fell asleep and had no idea.

Girl was awake for the whole procedure.

So poor tattoo artist Rouslan Tourmaniantz had his picture posted everywhere and got the rep of being a deceiving artist. The guy was so nice he even agreed to pay for the removal of half the stars, but now this girl’s story is false he doesn’t have to give up a single penny.

If you think about it, this story is rather unfortunate. Though her story was ridiculous, our society and myself included began to judge Tourmaniantz because he “happened to have one of the most outlandish faces this side of the moon,” so naturally many people took her side.

Note to the 18 year old Star Face: Grow up!

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