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27 Jun 2009

Michael Jackson week continues?

If you think this is over… it is far from it!

I was dancing to Michael Jackson songs last night until 3 AM and felt like I still heard it this morning when I woke up hahah

Sand artist, Sudarsan Patnaik, paid tribute to Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop” by creating this masterpiece on Orissa’s Puri Beach.

Patnaik created the image with the help of students of his Golden Sand Art Institute on the beach of his home town Puri, 56 km from here.

“We worked for four hours to create the four feet high image. We used about two tonnes of sand,” Patnaik told reporters by phone.


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Source: ONTD

There is speculation that Michael Jackson has a secret library of nearly 100 songs that will be released following his death.

Ian Halperin, a former biographer of Michael Jackson’s life has said that these unheard songs were made for his children and are very personal.


Michael Jackson takes over iTunes. As expected.


What  I love about Mr. Jackson is not just his songs but his dancing. I still remember my 11 year old self dancing to “You Rock My World,” along with the music video. Dancers like Wade Robson, and various musicians including Chris Brown have dedicated their dancing careers to Michael. Below is a video of a young 8 year old Wade Robson dancing to one of MJ’s songs on Star Search.

The Filipino inmates who shot to global fame with a YouTube video of their “Thriller” dance swayed and stomped again Saturday in a behind-bars tribute to their idol, Michael Jackson.

After being told of Jackson’s death Thursday in Los Angeles, the 1,500 inmates at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center hit the exercise yard, practicing for nine hours Friday night — and into the wee hours of Saturday morning — for the show. They took breaks only to eat or when it rained, said professional choreographer Gwendolyn Lador, hired by the prison to teach the inmates the dance.


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