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19 Jul 2009

Tom Pfaeffle killed last night in motel shooting

Tom Pfaeffle was a great sound engineer who had his very own recording studio out in Black Diamond, WA called The Tank. I never knew him personally or met him, but I do know that he played a large role in helping my friends Eric and Andrew from The Scene Aesthetic in releasing their first EP’s as well as helping many other Seattle bands I listen to. He is also known for working with Nirvana, The Black Crowes and Heart.

On Friday the 17th, around 10:42, Tom Pfaeffle, was shot at a hotel in the city of Twisp. Tom passed away from his wounds two hours later at Mid-Valley Hospital in Omak. The suspect was then booked for second degree murder and reckless endangerment.

The reason for this shooting taking place is still unknown but police believe that Tom may have tried to enter the wrong room at the motel.

Rest in peace Tom. My prayers go out to your family. You contribution is greatly appreciated within the Seattle music scene.

To read more about this story click here

and a video here


Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, a band that I admire and listen to regularly had been working very closely with Tom for the past couple of years and released their statement about Tom’s death this morning. It’s actually an incredible read that I find very honest and it has reiterated that Tom will never truly be forgotten.


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