31 Jul 2009

Mac’s are not unstoppable

My first Apple computer arrived at my house when I was about 5 or 6. At some we decided to upgrade completely to PC’s and it was probably the best decision we’ve ever made.

Mac’s might be trendy, slim, lightweight etc, but they cannot live up to the performance that I need in a computer. Besides the iPod, that is the only product I will buy from them and even THAT freezes up sometimes. Perhaps, if I had the right expertise in mastering mac, it would then have made my life more efficient and enjoyable. Maybe, at a later stage, I might enroll myself in any Apple classes nearby!

The other day, my friend Chuck posted as his Facebook status that his $3000 Mac laptop broke after one year when he really needed it the most to edit his videos more extensively. This caused kind of a flurry over his status of people who loathe or love Macs. With some people telling him he should look into a service similar to mac repair Longmont for 3rd party repair services, and others told him he should just finally get rid of it.

The truth is, Macs are not perfect and Dino Dai Zovi was out to prove it! The author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook,” has said that, “there’s a an Apple security flaw in OS X that can give a malicious coder complete control of a Mac.”

At the core of the hack is a short code script that gives a hacker access to a Mac’s memory. Making it possible to gain root access to the machine, and subsequently a remote TCP connection is setup. Allow said hacker to gain access to your personal data, attack the machine, execute files, or quietly monitor Safari to sniff your attempts to access your financial and banking details online.

Just say no.

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