31 Jul 2009

Seattle Music Update

Seeing Lizzie perform last night was amazing. She has such an incredible voice, it’s just always nice to hear and see her as well! It had been what feels like almost a year since I last saw her. We actually left the venue and took the show outside to the park for a more intimately summer setting.

Her show was at the Ground Zero Teen Center, the same place I attended my very first show when I was fifteen. The place has changed SO much. It just looked like a great place with all the young teenagers running around there. It brought back some great memories especially seeing the framed pictures on the wall of  fliers of sold out shows back in the day.

For some reason, being at a show, seeing old friends… it always feels the most comfortable, like my home away from home.

So! I’m going to get to news.

Lizzie will be releasing her album soon. More details will be released later on when I find out.

Tom Pfaeffle’s memorial concert will be on August 13th at the Moore Theater. The time and performances have not been released, but I do know that Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground will be performing I believe.

– My dear friend Matt Bekker will be performing tomorrow at the Edgewater Hotel. I went to see him last week and posted, so if you are interested in what you have seen go check him out.

Check out the event here

Andrew and Eric from the band The Scene Aesthetic are recording in California right now and every so often they will have uStream shows, in which they answer questions from fans or give you a glimpse of their recording sessions. You can find more information about those from their Twitter so become a follower!

The Scene Aesthetic Twitter

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