Written by Katie
15 Aug 2009

Our Future

All-in-one home computer, kitchen and dining table. The top allows for internet usage and choosing your dining options while the sides store food like a refridgerator. Everything is controlled by pressing simple buttons. When you’ve finished eating, stay where you are. There are compartments that will clean the dishes for you!

Is this new invention cool? Very.

Does it make Americans seem more lazy? Of course

We love things that will do everything for us, and if not everything, just the idea of multi-tasking. I’m someone that eats and works from my computer pretty often, but I don’t know if I want to be sitting in one place doing EVERYTHING. While these new products give us the impression that their purpose is to make our lives easier, some people don’t want an easy life. As much as I love my mom cooking for me or getting takeout, eventually I see myself being able to cook for my future family. There are still things I want to do on my own. Life gets sucked out of everything when it becomes too easy, what do you guys think?


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