Written by Katie
30 Aug 2009

I have no complaints

I am in good health and I have a wonderful family.

Today, I introduced my aunt and uncle to Skype, Playlist and Hulu. They have never been more excited. In fact they were probably as excited as my own parents when I had showed them the same things. The internet brings us many entertaining opportunities. Even as I write this, I feel the constant need to pull away because sometimes it just owns my life. I enjoy working on my blog and researching my future and possibilities, but most of the time it’s too much. If you observed the process of how I do my daily readings, you might either be confused or amazed. As time consuming as this is, I know that there is a reason why I am doing this.

Bryn once told me that my blog writing was honest. It was the best compliment I have received in quite some time because it is incredibly difficult for me to express words in person as opposed to writing. Every one of my best friends will tell you the exact same thing because they know first hand that I spent several pages writing personalized letters to them instead of scribbly shit in their yearbooks.

Kelly told me the other day that he thought I was a “charming writer.” This is news to me, I try really hard sometimes in my writing. Other times I don’t try enough – this might be one of them – and the words come out all wrong and then later on I’ll decide to delete the entire post.

The best part about today? Being able to share the music I listen to with my fourteen year old cousin who loves indie and rock. I can’t wait to take him to a concert someday.


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  1. Vezquex wrote:

    Playlist? You’re so mainstream, Katie.

    Posted on 8.31.09 · Reply to comment
  2. itsyowyow wrote:

    guhhh please don’t call me that.

    Posted on 8.31.09 · Reply to comment

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