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07 Sep 2009

Bumbershoot Review: Dyno Jamz

I just transferred all of my notes from my Blackberry to a word document. Most tedious thing ever. Originally, I wanted to do one big post of all the bands I was reviewing, but you know what, I think all of the bands deserve their own recognition.

Dyno Jamz


I’ve been waiting to catch a Dyno Jamz performance for a very long time. The guys were playing pretty early around 12:30, so luckily I arrived at the festival with ten minutes to spare. Dyno Jamz continued to acquire more and more attention this year as they competed in the EMP Sound Off! competition triumphing through every round until finally taking first place. One part of the prize (of quite a few parts) landed them a gig at Seattle’s largest and most anticipated music festival Bumbershoot this year.

The best way for me to describe their sound is like a jazz ensemble complimented by rap lyrics. The two mesh together so well that I couldn’t imagine them separately. Another thing I love about this band is how humbled I feel they are about the whole experience. These guys are students over at UW! You can tell from seeing them on that stage that they are very grateful to be there and expressed that by sharing their love for the crowd.


My favorite song by them is “Universal Love,” but when MC Zac Millan showed us his softer side with the song “Heat It Up,” my heart swooned a little bit as a I felt like I was falling into some weird dream state! I know…it was weird. Songs do that to me sometimes.

Watching their performance was the perfect start to my day! Whether or not a possible career may come out of this, who knows, I think I would like to see them take it to that level. The band has great potential, I mean they’re making teenagers LOVE jazz, which is definitely a refreshing sight to see. The guys of Dyno Jamz don’t look like rockstars [yet], but they are proving to be very well deserved winners.

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