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07 Sep 2009

Bumbershoot Review: Katy Perry

Katy Perry


I swear, I went into this this performance with an open mind, but I’ll be honest, when “I Kissed A Girl,” I came out, I just couldn’t understand the mainstream hype. When I walked into Memorial Stadium, I gave Katy a clean slate. I was prepared to be blown away by her voice, which I have always thought was decent, but instead I was disappointed. No, I wasn’t disappointed, I just stopped caring and was you know that saying… “over it?”

Katy Perry is a character. She wears the red lipstick, she has the outlandish outfits, she’s like MIA or Lady Gaga (almost.) She’s a little risque because she kisses girls! oooh! The performance, however, did not live up to her character. It was almost as if everything I’ve ever heard about her was played up so much that people have forgotten if she could perform or not.

She did make her apologies to the crowd by saying she didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before because she had wanted to be on time for Bumbershoot. She shouted, “I need a Starbucks!” More like I need a Starbucks to get through watching this performance!

Her performance slot was at 2:30 meaning she was still a big act for the main stage, but not quite as big as Sheryl Crow for the headliner on the main stage later that evening. Maybe the girl thought she needed to say more shocking things to boost up her wow factor or something, but there’s no need to call us out. “I know you’re not here for me, you’re here for someone else.” Yes, that is true, but we’re not going to admit that to you.

Her audience was mainly teenage girls (as expected) with just a dash of male presence, obviously the boyfriends of those girls. Everyone else seemed to not be paying that much attention to her. In one last attempt, after performing her last song, Perry decided to rage on stage by raising up her giant red lipstick above her head before throwing it down on the stage with all her might.

I asked my friend what he thought of the performance.

His response? “It seemed kind of half-assed,”

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  1. Heather wrote:

    That’s super disappointing. That seems so unprofessional of her. People paid to see her, and the least she can do is perform well. She never struck me as a good live performer, but seriously…

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