Written by Katie
18 Sep 2009

Bikini Baristas out for Washington?!

Apparently, there have been over 50 complaints for a drive thru espresso stand in Everett, Washington in which baristas only wear bikinis.  The city may have to change their ordinance…?

Personally, I think wearing clothes is not overrated hahah I just don’t really see the point because well I think, what next? Grocery stores in which clerks are down to their shorts and bikinis. That’s not something we really want to see right. Can we just leave this job to Hollister? kthnx.

Best Friends Espresso, located in Kenmore has gotten a lot of backlash for the way they hold themselves at the espresso stand. No one even called it “Best Friends” they just called it the “Slut Hut.” If you worked there, you might as well have been working your way up to the vu or Rick’s on Lake City Way because of the reputation working there gave you. They’re not in bikini’s 24/7,  I believe they do have a day for that, but most of the time they are in revealing clothing that will over expose cleavage or accentuate their bottom half. They even have really cool theme days like “Fantasy Friday!”

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  1. Cyril wrote:

    This sounds awesome.

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