Month: October 2009

31 Oct 2009

Question/Song of the Day/New Header

What’s your favorite love song?

I’m writing my philosophy essay on love right now. Just to get myself in the mood I refined my iTunes library to only songs with “love” in the title. 🙂 Best hardest paper I’ve ever written?

Song of the Day:

Estelle ft. John Legend – You Are

sorry! all I could find was this live version.

New Header:

Because it’s November tomorrow!

Have a Happy Halloween!


31 Oct 2009

See how the real Gossip Girl characters live

No. Not like NYC Prep, though I miss that show too much.

On Location Tours is now offering a “Gossip Girl” tour. Now you can see where most of the filming takes place and dine and shop at some of your favorite notable characters’ favorite places. Awesome.

Tickets are $40, but you get to enjoy this tour for 3.5 hours!

To see more click here

30 Oct 2009

Snaps For A Snapshot

Who: Reese Witherspoon

Where: Launching her new fragrance In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon with Avon in New York

Wearing: L’Wren Scott Spring 2010 collection

30 Oct 2009

Out on the Town: 10/30

Seattle U students:

Halloween isn’t really Halloween without treating yourself to a stroll at our FIRST-EVER haunted house put on by two of my favorite SEAC members Mr. Max Stowell and Miss Veronica Lim. These two have been working very very hard on it, but everything is really a surprise. I’m in it and I don’t even know what’s going on!

We understand it’s a Friday and that it’s Halloween weekend, but you can start your party off right with the haunted house in the Bellarmine basement from 8 PM- 9:30 PM. It doesn’t cost anything, just bring yourself and be ready for surprises.


30 Oct 2009

Lul of the week

Dragon Ball Z it up! This makes me laugh because it’s so ridiculous but $10 says I’ll do the same thing when I have my Asian child.

30 Oct 2009

Happy Halloween Weekend!

What is everyone going to be?!

I think tonight I’ll go for a Gossip Girl, a la Gossip Katie if you will and then tomorrow I’ll be a little Grecian girl.

29 Oct 2009

Edward Cullen on ya crotch

I’m all about new products usually. This one… can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Why you would want to have Edward Cullen down there? I don’t know. So I have a few questions, maybe these might be a bit inapropro, I don’t know.

Are these for women AND for men?

What do vampires drink again? What is Edward Cullen again?

Why would anyone ever want to have someone else’s face on their crotch?

I’d like you to think about how embarassed you may feel after someone catches you in a pair of these. There’s no going back after that.

29 Oct 2009


Meet the new

Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken.

to be released in April. Why Mattel? Why?

d-bag costs $82. wheee

29 Oct 2009

Song(s) of the Day/Copeland Breaks Up

Today one of my favorite bands broke up. Sad day. I’ve been listening to Copeland since I was about 15 maybe 14 and I’ve followed them throughout their career, but was never able to catch them live. They have put out some amazing records and its sad to see them part. Below is a list of my favorite songs from them and these are the songs of the day:

  • Control Freak
  • Love Affair
  • No One Really Wins
  • You Love to Sing
  • Where’s My Head
  • I’m Safer in an Airplane
  • Eat, Sleep, Repeat
  • Sleep
  • You Have My Attention
  • Take Care
  • Coffee

To see Copeland’s message click here


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