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03 Oct 2009

Why are my hands always cold?

I always have one hand that is always cold. EXTREMELY cold. Then the other one is what I would consider normal. Kevin told me to Google it because hello! Google knows the answer to everything and the first site showed me a question that someone had previously asked. I’m attaching it for lulz.

Hey, im 13 and my girlfriend says that my hands are always cold. They are cold everytime I look at them and I dont like it. I feel sorry for her because she always has to hold them, she doesnt complain, but I still sometimes dont do anything because of my cold hands. At school they even go blue from cold sometimes

Does anyone know:
*Why they are always cold
*How I can prevent them from being cold all the time

Also, I havent kissed her yet, but we have been together for a month and a bit now. She told me that she wants to kiss me, and I want to kiss her. The reason that I wont, is because I havent kissed a girl for 3 years, so I wouldnt be good at all. I would be really bad, and I dont want to look like a dick in front of her.

Uhhhhhh HAHAH

The next site tells me that I may have a condition called Ray Nodes Syndrome.

“There is a relatively effective, albeit strange, way to treat ray nodes if it is diagnosed. They can attach a biofeedback machine to your fingers which releases a tone. The warmer your fingers get, the higher and louder the tone becomes. (The machine works by detecting very small amounts of sweat on your fingers. The sweat is used to complete a simple electrical circuit, which makes the tone sound.) Without knowing exactly how, you can will yourself to make the tone increase in pitch and volume. It’s a way of learning how to command your body to increase circulation to the fingers.”

Yeah, I should get that checked out …

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