05 Oct 2009

The Playstation gets Revamped – becomes Playstation 4

Designer Tai Chem is recreating a new look for this old gaming system. The idea is to bring it into a future sleek setting where the console itself is more than just a means to power a display – It is also the display itself. The entire game console will have transparent surfaces that include touch screen capability a pretty glossed up compartment for discs and cable-free Bluetooth. I don’t play video games much anymore, but I’m diggin’ on the sleekness of this. No news yet on when it will debut. If it does ever come out, though, I hope it manages to sort out the technical issues with the PS4. There’s been times my friends have told me about how long they spent fixing corrupted PS4 database issues, and that is a massive no when so many games are downloaded and stored digitally these days. Especially when they get so large in filesize – most are at least 30GB nowadays! Still, there are some great games to play on the PlayStation such as minecraft, my little brother is always playing this with his friends and he loves it, he has so much fun whilst also being intellectually stimulated as the game involves building a world of adventure and fantasy. He downloaded some minecraft servers online to play with his friends and make the game multiplayer – it is so much more fun playing with others he said! In order to do so, he uses a HDMI cable to connect his console to a television. This allows him to see what he’s doing on a bigger screen. Most HDMI cables are able to connect to gaming consoles. People can always learn about the benefits of using HDMI cables for gaming at https://www.hdmi.org/spec21Sub/Gaming. My brother always puts his console onto the television as it’s easier for him.

It is also able to lie horizontal or vertically.

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  1. Klappstuhl wrote:

    I like the controller. But that’s all.

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