Written by Katie
14 Oct 2009

The Magic School Bus

I’m really enjoying my classes this quarter despite the fact that I seem to ask myself this question everyday: Do I belong in school?

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so determined to just be incredibly studious this year. My management teacher taught me today that subject lines are very important. They are what make people either want to read what you have to say, delay from reading or deleting it without ever reading. HOBviously, I haven’t put that skill to use just yet.

Working on my econ homework, I get to this question from my professor.

b.  Does the text in yellow confuse you?  Write, “Yes.  Dean, I’m confused.”  Or, write, “WTF”.

I kid you not. Only at Seattle University…

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  1. Sandy wrote:

    ahahaha. thats funny.

    Posted on 10.15.09 · Reply to comment
  2. Cammy Jay Martin wrote:

    I wish I had your Econ teacher

    Posted on 10.15.09 · Reply to comment

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