Hot Air Balloon Kid… NOT

Falcon Heene … is now a celebrity. I’m not going to recap this story because I’m sure we all know it by now. I’ve skimmed a lot of the articles so maybe my question (s) are already answered but…

1) Why is this family making a giant homemade balloon?

2) Was this in fact a publicity stunt? The family has already been on Wife Swap after all…

“When asked by his father on-air why he didn’t respond, the boy replied, “You guys said we did this for the show.”

When the father was pressed by Wolf Blitzer, who was filling in for King, to explain what his son meant, he became uncomfortable, finally saying he was “appalled” by the questions, and then adding that Falcon was likely referring to all the media coverage.” source

You know what Falcon? I have nothing more to say to you except

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One thought on “Hot Air Balloon Kid… NOT

  1. Word says:

    I’m would die for riding a homemade balloon!

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