A Collection Part 8

Pictures kind of speak to me, do they speak to you too? These are probably my favorite posts. I feel like every collection serves a different purpose and defines exactly what I’m feeling at that moment. Can anyone guess the theme of this one? I’ve been working on this post on and off all day and I think I’ve finally come to the realization that I love these pictures not just because of the way they make me feel inspired, but because these are things that don’t happen in life sometimes. Either that or no one catches it. I kind of want to do a photo series in which I can document THESE things.

Just because

“Today I was driving to my grandparents house which is about two hours away from my own. I got in a big traffic jam and the car in front of me had a phone number on the back of it, and below it, “For when we’re stuck in traffic”. Extremely bored as I was, I called the number. Turned out I had a thirty minute phone call with a stranger in the car in front of me. I have never had so much fun in a traffic jam, and he told me to call him anytime. MLIA”

“Today, there was a question on a quiz I had no idea how to answer. I decided to draw a giant guinea pig over it and write, “I cannot answer this question, there is a guinea pig in the way.” After I got it back, my teacher wrote next to the question,”That is a problem!” and gave me full points. New favorite teacher. MLIA”

note to self: to do on my econ final

V-Lim this is your next challenge

HELLO HELLO favorite breakfast foood

Everything w/ V. Lim in mind

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One thought on “A Collection Part 8

  1. girlgeum says:

    What’s in being sisters. That’s what that photo said to me. There’s good and bad. Laughter, and at times, when you feel like “taping” each other to the wall.

    Love the other photos.

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