Month: November 2009

30 Nov 2009

Lakewood Shooting

My heart goes out to the families of the four police officers that were affected by the shooting this morning at the local coffee shop in the city of Lakewood. To read more about the updated story click here

It is heartbreaking for an incident like this to occur, especially after Thanksgiving, and after the first incident that happened on Halloween. It is so difficult for me to understand why these things happen and how people have so much hatred that they are willing to take lives.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about certain roles in society. I think that it’s important for all of us to realize, myself included, that aside from our job, we are people. We are human. We are not just consumed by our job and we have lives.

In high school, a lot of the douche bag boys would always say, “eff the police.” This line usually came after a party got broken up, someone got a ticket, MIP… whatever. The only reason people say it is because they got caught. You knew you were doing something wrong. You got caught for it because you weren’t smart enough and now you’re getting punished. Stop being so ignorant. Police officers aren’t out to always punish you. Sometimes I think this is where this type of hatred is introduced. Also, people do not give any importance to gun laws these days and the outcome is obvious. I feel the introduction of common-sense gun laws ( can help get dangerous firearms out of the hands of criminals and evil-minded people. Police officers protect our community and keep us safe. I would never choose to live in fear and terror. Just for a second. Think what life would be like if we weren’t always guaranteed safety.

You can’t assume that you know anyone’s history or background. These police officers have families, kids, wives, husbands, parents… it’s selfish for someone to want to take another person away from their family.

29 Nov 2009

Song of the Day

Barcelona – First Floor People

It’s just one of those days. If the pictures are too much, just don’t look at them 🙂 But they are awfully pleasant.

28 Nov 2009

Memorable Quotes of the Decade

I came across this post today that featured the most famous quotes (phrases, whatever) in pop culture of the decade that we will never ever forget. So I wanted to share my favorite ten with you from the list.


“Yo, Taylor. I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!” – Kanye West really stepped in it when he stole the mic from singer Taylor Swift as she accepts the “Best Female Video” award during the MTV Video Music Awards (2009)

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28 Nov 2009

Rich Girls Flashback

When I was 13 slash 14, this used to be one of my FAVORITE shows. I recently found the channel on YouTube that has every single episode. Unfortunately, I don’t really have time today to watch a Rich Girls marathon. Here’s a clip from one of the episodes where Ally and Jaime travel to Seattle!


Feel free to watch the Rich Girls channel here

27 Nov 2009

Out on the Town: 11/27

TONIGHT two of my new favorite bands will be performing in Seattle.

London’s The XX & Friendly Fires and…Holly Miranda

Neumos, 925 E Pike St, 709-9467. 8 pm, $12, 21+

27 Nov 2009

Song of the Day

Jem – Just A Ride

Because it’s an OC themed day!!! YAY!!

27 Nov 2009

Why Watch The OC?

Every time I come home for a weekend or for break, my OnDemand channel always let me catch up on older episodes of The OC. As I was watching two eps. from the second season today while eating breakfast, I started to wonder why The OC was so successful. I loved the show. Many people enjoyed it, but why was this show any different? Why is The OC more recognized than One Tree Hill or Smallville? These are the reasons I have come up with:

– The show was well liked by both males and females

– The show produced GREAT music. Indie rock at its best.

– You liked all of the main characters (Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer)

Newport Harbor High was way better than your highschool ever was

– It introduced new vocabulary to your every day life like Christmakah, stealth, brooding, etc. We all know that you never used to say that until The OC came along!

Death Cab For Cutie performed on an episode

– It brought to light a new kind of humor

– They always rotated new characters in to create more excitement, but when you got tired of them, their exit timing was appropriate.

– They dressed well!

– You always knew in the end the Summer and Seth would end up together and Ryan and Marissa …sort of

The OC lasted four strong seasons – well maybe 3 cause Marissa died.

– Catchy theme song – Phantom Planet’s California

The OC launched the careers of all of the actors and actresses

The OC really stands for “THE Orange County,” making it sound 10x more epic

26 Nov 2009

Meet: Eleanor Seabird

I first came across Eleanor’s music about a month ago after hearing about her on the Urban Outfitters blog. After listening to her song, “Belgium,” I was hooked and haven’t stopped listening to it! I was amazed when she found my blog so I asked her if she would be interested in doing an interview. Let me just say that Eleanor is one talented lady. She was also super excited to do this interview 🙂

Q: Eleanor, how old are you and where are you from? Plus, I have to know. Is Eleanor Seabird your real name?!

Eleanor: I’m 22 years old, and I’m originally from America! I still like to call London my hometown as it is the first place I finally feel able to call my home.  No, Eleanor Seabird is not my real name, it actually came from my old landlord/friend who was in the music business briefly and we were driving along and I was trying to come up with a stage name and I wanted to be Eleanor SEBERG after Jean Seberg my favourite actress and Sandy thought I said SEABIRD and was like, “Genius! Eleanor Seabird is great!” And I never corrected him. It might not be the name on my birth certificate, but Eleanor Seabird is a real person it’s who I am and who I’ve always been.

Q: When did you first begin singing and was it just for fun or could you see this as a possible career?

E: I began singing when I was four. I started off with Elton John cassette tapes and a little walkman and then did talent shows with my kid sister (we’d sing gruesome versions of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen songs) then when I was about 17, my aunt took me to this music group and I would sing Wham! Songs at the mall to people. I didn’t take it seriously till I moved to London and felt like I had nothing to lose, so now I’m embarking on a proper career.

Q: Who are you usually compared to? And do you think that this person and you are alike?

E: Looks wise, people say I have this Karen O thing going on, and music wise it’s a combination of Karen O and Lily Allen, both of whom I love so I take it as a compliment.

Q: What is your favorite song to cover?

E: ANYTHING by Hall and Oates. I end my sets with a killer acoustic version of MANEATER and we want to do a Hall and Oates show of just their songs. They are so much fun to sing!

Q: Who were your influences growing up?

E: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN! He was and is one of my heroes. I really loved Elton John, AC/DC, Genesis, the Police, a lot of classic rock growing up as I think I was in a state of rebellion coming from a conservative home so anything loud that made me feel like I was going to get the heck out of dodge had an impact on me. As I got to my late teens’ early 20s when I moved to London I became seduced by French pop of the 1960s and fell madly in love with Jacques Brel. He is, to me, such an amazing vocalist and performer. I really hope as an artist to be as captivating as he was/is.

Q: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

E: Jacques Brel, Dizzie Rascal, or Bruce Springsteen.

Q: What influenced your relocation to London from America?

E: Because I left the states to pursue a better life for myself I don’t have too many good memories but I will say the ones that mean the most are the ones with me and my radio. I always found solstice in listening to music. I think now as an adult and coming back to the states on different terms I’m looking forward to meeting people who love music, who are passionate about life, and to be able to see the parts of the country I haven’t seen, such as Seattle. I think growing up in a small town you’re just not inclined to travel so I’d only go to places where I had relatives, we never really could afford to travel much so even though I’m from America I’ve met Europeans who have seen more of it than I have.

Q: Describe to me the London music scene.

E: The London music scene is vast. Music is on every night of the week, and there is sooo much of it. That’s what’s great about London, it’s really chaotic and multi-cultural and the music capital of the world and any and everything goes here. I will say it’s cool to be a artist here as it does feel like a community and you go out to support your peers and they come out to support you and there are some big faces around so it’s cool to bump into some bands you really like and get the chance to strike up a conversation.

Q: What is a typical day for Eleanor Seabird?

E: This question makes me laugh as I know people expect a musician to have this lifestyle, but I’m quite boring to be honest. I eat breakfast at the same café every morning, I’m usually writing and recording throughout the day and at meetings with different people I want to collaborate with, and in the nights I’m either rehearsing or checking my Myspace and then off to bed. I had someone ask me where all the great nightclubs are in London and I couldn’t name ANY! I prefer films, art galleries, photography exhibits in my spare time. And of course going to gigs to see friends play or  a really great band I like.  It’s pretty standard.

Q: What has been most challenging for you as a musician?

E: I think taking the criticism. I have people tell me I’m crap or that my music is shit to my face and because I put a lot of myself and my life into my work, it’s hard not to take it personally. I have those moments where I’m ready to quit sometimes…….. it’s not a life for the faint of heart especially when trying to make a living doing it.

Q: At the end of the day, what makes it all worth it for you?

E: This! When people want to interview me or chat with me because they really enjoy what I do and want to learn more about who I am. It’s cool to know that there are people out there willing to give me a chance and come on this journey with me because I’m still unknown, but hopefully I’ll drum up support along the way. I really love to play and put on a good show for people and I’m glad that more people believe in me and my work than don’t so the fans and friends who believe in me make it worthwhile and it makes me want to really succeed!

Q: What are you listening to these days and who would you suggest my readers start listening to, besides you of course!

E: Oh there are a few suggestions: I really like this band called the Dark Room Notes based out of  Dublin, Ellie Goulding is great, The Temper Trap, The XX The Big Pink are great and put on a wicked show,  Pelle Carlberg is an indie guy from Sweden who’s great,  Dizzie Rascal is a rapper from London who I quite think is fun, and Mayer Hawthorne is cool! He’s like Amy Winehouse, but a bloke!

Q: Where can we expect to see you next Eleanor?

E: I’m starting up a show on my YouTube channel ELEAVISION called ELEANOR GOES where I go on little adventures. It’s not a reality show, though if I did a reality show I’d call it THE BILLS because that’s wherein my drama unfolds.  Me a telephone and the lady on the other line. LOL  It’s just a little documentary style show where I go off and do stuff. My first one is ICE SKATING and then I’m going to Norway to find this red phone booth I have an obsession with. Apparently phone booths are on the historical society’s list to preserve in Norway or so my Norwegian mates tell me. So going to go on a safari and try to capture them in their habitat before they disappear.  Good times……….

Check out Eleanor’s music here

26 Nov 2009

Eve of Black Friday

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have always woken up early to go shopping with my parents on black Friday. It is the biggest shopping holiday of the year. BIGGER than a Nordstrom anniversary sale, I know, hard to believe right? Tomorrow might be the first year that I am not participating. I’ve been sitting here weighing out the pros and cons, but to be honest this sickness has just sucked out all of my strength.

I’ve been thinking a lot about clothes today. So I have this question,

How do you shop?

How do you know when to make a purchase and when to forget about it? How do you get dressed?  There are very few people in my life who actually know how it is that I get dressed in the morning. How I even begin to start my day…those are my roommates: past and present. I think you would have to observe me for a day if you wanted to understand my process. When I shop, that’s another story.

I’m someone that feels clothing. I know what kind of material I like and don’t like. If you’re ever with me when I’m shopping, I will continuously touch racks upon racks of clothing and in no way is this an OCD thing, it’s just me getting an idea for it. Before I buy a piece, I will take a second to think about what I can wear it with. If I can’t wear it with more than 3 things, there’s no point in owning it.

It’s funny because I follow the fashion shows very closely and I see things that I like individually, but maybe not with the whole outfit put together. Obviously, people don’t wear those ready-to-wear outfits out in public all the time. I think if I had the chance to analyze every piece, it would be a lot easier to pair it with different things.Yet even though I can’t physically touch the clothing, I know that they are well-made. They wouldn’t cost that much if they weren’t, and they wouldn’t have the designer name attached to it either.

And lastly in my ramblings, I’m glad that I’m much more comfortable dressing the way I feel at Seattle University. High school was fun, but I never felt like I could branch out and wear what I wanted to. I had to blend in and I didn’t like that. Once during my senior year, my friends and I in yearbook decided to have an impromptu 80’s day. Who says you have to follow school-wide spirit days? I just remember getting terrible up-down looks and someone asking me “what the -eff are you wearing?” While I understand that people love the jeans and t-shirt look, it’s not for me. It’s too easy. I’m not opposed to it though, sometimes I will wear a plain top and jeans. People ask me…why I spend time getting dressed in the morning. I live by this motto that when I dress well I feel great. I don’t feel like I’m ready to seize the day in sweats and a sweatshirt. It’s not true for everyone, but that’s how I feel. Getting dressed is a challenge for me and it’s one that I don’t mind spending a few extra minutes on.


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