Written by Katie
26 Nov 2009

A Collection Part 9

Rodarte for Target preview! I want the black dress!!

“I wore high high heels and short short skirts
to hide my depression and weakness

tried to hide my loneliness by hornyness

tried to deny how predictable my patterns are”


-daul kim, RIP

YES boys, the skinny ties are back.


wtf parents?! This is how we get wannabe Miley Cyrus’s. I mean the dance is okay… but not appropriate for seven-year olds. Can’t they wait until… they are much MUCH older?

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  • me in circles ⚫️
  • Santa Clara if it were in the desert
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  • Current worry: how my sleep schedule tonight will be affected by the royal wedding
  • Perfect end to a Friday night waiting for me at the end of this day
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