27 Nov 2009

Why Watch The OC?

Every time I come home for a weekend or for break, my OnDemand channel always let me catch up on older episodes of The OC. As I was watching two eps. from the second season today while eating breakfast, I started to wonder why The OC was so successful. I loved the show. Many people enjoyed it, but why was this show any different? Why is The OC more recognized than One Tree Hill or Smallville? These are the reasons I have come up with:

– The show was well liked by both males and females

– The show produced GREAT music. Indie rock at its best.

– You liked all of the main characters (Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer)

Newport Harbor High was way better than your highschool ever was

– It introduced new vocabulary to your every day life like Christmakah, stealth, brooding, etc. We all know that you never used to say that until The OC came along!

Death Cab For Cutie performed on an episode

– It brought to light a new kind of humor

– They always rotated new characters in to create more excitement, but when you got tired of them, their exit timing was appropriate.

– They dressed well!

– You always knew in the end the Summer and Seth would end up together and Ryan and Marissa …sort of

The OC lasted four strong seasons – well maybe 3 cause Marissa died.

– Catchy theme song – Phantom Planet’s California

The OC launched the careers of all of the actors and actresses

The OC really stands for “THE Orange County,” making it sound 10x more epic

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