28 Nov 2009

Broadway and East Jefferson: Get ready for a face lift!

This is what Broadway and East Jefferson currently looks like: Not so great right?

According to The Stranger, the city of Seattle will meet on December 2nd to discuss their new recommendation for what they WANT this street to look like.

Are you ready for this?

I don’t think you’re ready for this…

BAM! transformation station. Yes, this will probably cost a lot of money. How long will it take until this is finished? And will this even happen? Let’s not  get ahead of ourselves, it’s only a reccomendation. To be honest, I think this is great. Everything on this side of Capitol Hill doesn’t look as great compared to what Pike and Pine look like. It might do Capitol Hill some good if this kind of change is brought upon the city and may help to provide a safer environment. I hope this is the first of many things to come from this developing project.


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