Month: December 2009

30 Dec 2009

Yow Yow’s Yearly Recap

At the end of June this year, I had posted a recap of stats up to that point. Another six months have passed and a lot has changed with Yow Yow. Let’s see where we are now comparing June 2009 up until today

I have had 34,357 visits to Yow Yow! – – – – – – – – – – – – –  173,197 visits to Yow Yow!

711 Posts, 307 Comments and 1,907 Tags – – – – – – – – – – – 1423, Posts, 667 Comments, 3470 Tags

Top post – “Dora Grows Up. Gets Sexier While Doing So? – (10,351 views) – – – – Still the top post (18,834 views)

My busiest month in terms of views: June (10,603 views) – – – – December 2009 – 29, 863 views

Average visits per day: June (364 views) – – – – – December 2009 – 1,030 views

My busiest day was March 9th 2009 (1,862 views) – – – – – – October 15, 2009 (3,873 views)

Interviews include:

Singer Aaron Carter (Dancing with the Stars)

Fashion designer Jazmin Whitley (MTV’s House of Jazmin)

Actor Derek Mio (ABC Family’s Greek, NBC’s Day One)

Singer Cathy Nguyen (California)

Singer John West (California)

TV personality Chet Cannon (Real World Brooklyn)

Singer Eleanor Seabird (UK)

YouTube Vlogger Alex Day (UK)

Awards and Credits

Featured post by “Tinkerbell’s Extreme Makeover”

Sourced by Perez Hilton’s “Coco Perez” – “Meet the Bundler”

30 Dec 2009

Symbolism Through the Decade

The New York Times opinion section recently put together a chart of symbols correlated with this decade. It is actually really great. Click the picture to view it larger!



30 Dec 2009

Count Em’ 1, 2…50? 2009

My music tastes can change a lot over the course of one year. One of my first posts on Yow Yow! was a countdown of my favorite 50 songs (in no order) for the year of 2008. It was difficult to make this post a second time because I had to really consider songs that I loved. The ones I have chosen are ones that I keep on repeat on my iTunes. They’re the ones that I play over and over again in my car while driving. They are on rotation as I’m getting ready in the morning. No matter what, I never find myself getting sick of them. They’re really great so I invite you to check them out.

Here are my favorite 50 songs of 2009:

1. John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare

2. Paramore – Misguided Ghosts

3. New Heights – Fig Tree

4. Kaskade – Your Love is Black

5. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

6. Adele – Right As Rain (live)

7. Lily Allen – I Could Say

8. Jack’s Mannequin – Annie, Use Your Telescope

9. Letters & Lights – Smile Bright

10. Lady Gaga – Summerboy

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30 Dec 2009

Remembering…in the year of 2009

Sad year 🙁

  • Teen Magazine
  • Chris Brown’s Career
  • Jett Trovolta
  • Actress Natasha Richardson
  • Actress Farrah Fawcett
  • Michael Jackson
  • Actor David Carradine
  • Football player Steve McNair
  • Oscar Mayer
  • Seattle producer Tom Pfaeffle
  • Slum Village founder Titus “Beatin” Glover
  • Director John Hughes
  • Eunice Kennedy Shriver
  • Ed Kennedy
  • Billy Mays
  • Ed McMahon
  • DJ AM
  • Gourmet Magazine
  • Shiloh Pepin
  • Actor Patrick Swayze
  • Copeland disbanding
  • Model Daul Kim
  • Lakewood Police Officers
  • Tiger Woods’ career
  • Roy Edward Disney (Nephew to Walt Disney)
  • Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry
  • Brittany Murphy
  • Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold
30 Dec 2009

A Collection Part 10

Image heavy. But absolutely necessary. It’s the last “A Collection Part…” post of the year! If you haven’t learned by now why these are some of my favorite posts to make, then you haven’t been paying attention.

If you were to put all of these pictures into a book and read them as a story without words, what would it tell you? I feel like every collection reflects some sort of a pattern from start to finish.  This is what I feel or am drawn to right. now. The truth is, I go through hundreds of pictures. Hundreds. And I choose the ones that stand out to me at THAT moment. It’s this moment right here. If I were to go over the picture above maybe tomorrow, I might overlook it. I used to say that my blog was an outlet for me to sometimes express the way I’m feeling about something that I couldn’t directly say in person. Sometimes I use these collections to do the exact same thing.

What have you learned about me so far?

The answer lies beneath the cut.

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30 Dec 2009

Overused to the point of abuse

The turn of 2010 means that the unveiling of a new decade is upon us. Every year since the year 2000 we have been reading about the sexiest people of the year, best movies of the year, top albums etc etc.

However, when ten years go by, the lists get a little bit more ridiculous or …truthful. It’s okay to reminisce on the 25 most used words and phrases of the decade:

  1. Wardrobe malfunction
  2. Status update
  3. Tweeted (as in “I just tweeted about that”)
  4. “Cougar” to describe any attractive woman over the age of 35, who happens to be single, or any woman dating a man more than three years her junior.
  5. The “clever” blending of two words to create one era-appropriate word, like “Staycation,” “bromance,” “Metrosexual,” “Recessionista,” and “Brangelina.”

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29 Dec 2009

Girl tells the world that girls don’t need to go to college

The article was written in 2006. Want some more irony? She was in college when she wrote this article on the school’s newspaper.

Lynzee Stauss thought she knew what she was talking about when she argued that men should go to college to support their families, but that women should just marry rich. If this article had been written before the 1900’s, this might have been more believable. In 2006 though? Really? What world is she living in?

No thanks, I would not prefer to get my nails done everyday.



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