Written by Katie
03 Dec 2009

MTV meet your doom.


Is this a joke? This isn’t funny. This doesn’t make me interested in the show at all. In fact I feel like I’m watching that guy in the “My New Haircut video” times 5!

And the guy in that video was an actor.


I sincerely urge you to bring back Rich Girls WITH Ally Hilfiger, then maybe we can be on good terms again.

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  1. treylove wrote:

    This show is hilarious.

    Posted on 12.4.09 · Reply to comment
  2. omg i LIVE in the town next to where this was filmed. All the locals hate them and theyre giving NJ a bad name. They’re not even from nj!!! Everyone in my town wants to protest this show. We hate the tourists that invade our town every summer and give it a bad rep. The locals here are beach bums we go surfing, have beach bonfires, & bbqs none of the locals are guido club heads they need to go back to staten island and stay there.

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  3. Her face looks funny in the freexed frame, like its gonna collapse or something.

    His hair made him look like a douche – he takes 25 minutes doing his hair like that?

    Tou’re wasting your life lovey.

    And, ahem, sweat patches.

    SWEAT PATCHES, MTV. Not sexy.

    But anyway, made me lol.



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  4. Hahaha! Guidos for the win! We’re with you, this could be the end of MTV. Can you imagine the boardroom discussion prior to this show’s creation? “It will be like RR/RW Challenge, except they’ll all be Latino jocks.”

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  5. are you kidding…this is brilliant programming

    Posted on 12.4.09 · Reply to comment
  6. Kristi wrote:

    This is one of those shows I would watch to piss myself off- you ever do that? Watch a show that disgusts you to no end- just to deliberately get mad and talk smack about someone LOL…. Oh man- MTV needs to retire, they have gone down the shitter…..

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  7. TEStazyk wrote:

    I think your’re right–the absence of brains has created a vacuum and her skull is going to implode.

    Posted on 12.4.09 · Reply to comment
  8. shibz khan wrote:

    cool. i love her, shes hot. iworldclock.com

    Posted on 12.4.09 · Reply to comment
  9. Terry wrote:

    Oh boy. IQ doesn’t fly high in that show…

    Posted on 12.4.09 · Reply to comment
  10. hey remember when they played music?

    good times, good times

    Posted on 12.4.09 · Reply to comment
  11. i actually remember when mtv played music videos

    Posted on 12.4.09 · Reply to comment
  12. DJ wrote:

    I never thought I would say this, but: I am so glad I did not get cable in my new place. (Because chances are, I would watch shit like this)

    Posted on 12.5.09 · Reply to comment
    • Random Thoughts Flow wrote:

      you know, when i didnt have cable I actually watched the news

      then i got cable and now i watch these shows
      so maybe we would all be better off without cable xD

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  13. I miss the music videos!

    Posted on 12.5.09 · Reply to comment
  14. harry elliott wrote:

    I am a 61 year old native of the Jersey Shore.
    I watched this Thursday night with my 30 and
    25 year old daughters and I can tell you this
    show was sooooo bad that it was painfull to

    There is nothing funny, entertaining, interesting
    or COOL about any of these people. The only
    shore town that would even remotely allow
    this motley crew of cretins is Seaside or
    as we call it SLEAZE SIDE, or maybe DeeJai’s in
    Belmar where Guido’s have been mauling trampy
    hoes for decades.

    If the producer’s from MTV weren’t so culturally
    bankrupt they would know that the Asbury Park
    scene that launched the careers of Springsteen
    and Bon Jovi rivals that of Nashville, Branson,
    and Austin. Do your audience a favor and resign.

    MTV owes the people of New Jersey and especially
    those from the shore an apology. How they can
    think that this array of social misfits can
    bring noteriety to our area is beyond me.
    Disgracefull, three generations of Jerseyites
    are talking about this weak inept ATTEMPT
    at entertainment. I don’t want my MTV (Moron

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  15. mimi wrote:

    wow. I never want to meet these people.

    Posted on 12.5.09 · Reply to comment
  16. Jackie wrote:

    It’s because of shows like this that everyone makes fun of me for being from New Jersey.

    Posted on 12.5.09 · Reply to comment
  17. I don’t watch MTV though that may soon change, assuming this show is an indication of the company rebranding into a horror channel.

    Posted on 12.5.09 · Reply to comment
  18. Haha oh my.

    Posted on 12.6.09 · Reply to comment
  19. Flower Boy wrote:

    crikey, this is remarkably crap!

    Posted on 12.6.09 · Reply to comment
  20. TRASHY wrote:


    Posted on 12.6.09 · Reply to comment
  21. Latif wrote:

    Even though I utterly dislike the whole idea of reality shows like this one, I must admit that they are addicting to watch. Its like the Real World, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or The Hills. In my opinion, its pointless to watch shows that tape the lives of these people who soon become household names. I remember when my younger cousin didn’t even know who Kim Kardashian was, and after watching a few shows, she was not only hooked but would talk about them as if they were her best friends. WIth that said, I find it saddening how MTV is really contradicting itself as a TV network, because they have programs and Ad campaigns like “THINK” and “True Life” that persuade the young generation to effect positive social changes within themselves and in their community, but here they are producing shows (such as “Jersey Shore”) that send the complete opposite message. Is the number of viewers more important OR the future of the up and coming generation?

    Posted on 12.6.09 · Reply to comment
  22. TESTazyk wrote:

    Good point Latif, especially because a lot of people learn how to behave and manage personal relationships by watching TV.

    Posted on 12.6.09 · Reply to comment
  23. Danielle wrote:

    Oh my god, I know. Just the previews for the show annoy me to death. I don’t understand how this is entertainment.

    Posted on 12.6.09 · Reply to comment
  24. C.W. Helge Nixdorf wrote:

    Latif i dont thnk you really know how reality tv works…. they don’t care how much positive or negative effects they have on society (trust me i worked in this business). These shows are cheap and easy to make and we keep watching. meaning they’re are making tons for it. everything they say and do is feed by producer, there is nothing real about these shows even the people in them. i think it’s funny that people make fun of MTY as a tv network when they are VERY successful and their Execs are laughing at us from their G5

    Posted on 12.7.09 · Reply to comment
    • Why do you find it funny that people make fun of MTV? I agree with you that they are highly successful with majority of there shows. I just don’t think its right to put shows out that try to address issues like Obesity and Safe Sex, and then shows like this one that, in my opinion, create a completely negative image for young people. There are girls as young as the age of 13 who are watching these shows. Watching a girl with practically no clothing on, and on top of a guy in a jacuzzi is NOT RIGHT. Moreover, adding to “TESTazyk’s comment, young people kind of adapt to that kind of behavior and act similarly in their life. C.W, you said there is nothing real about these shows, which is absolutely true. Those MTV execs are laughing at us, because we are very weak people and we have nothing better to do than watch some guy make out with some half-naked trashy chick on TV.

      Posted on 12.7.09 · Reply to comment
      • My View wrote:

        I agree. But, I watching the Young Ladies(?) make out with some half-naked Good looking, nice built trashy Dude on TV!

        Posted on 12.10.09 · Reply to comment
  25. Pie wrote:

    That trailer blew me away!

    We have people like these who are just as well respected in the UK, though not as pumped up as these ‘gentlemen’ – they’re called ‘chavs’.

    I feel sorry for you all.

    Posted on 12.13.09 · Reply to comment

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