03 Dec 2009

So lately I’m not Dreaming

It started Monday morning when I woke up and wondered about how I met certain friends. The thought puzzled me all day. It’s not a big deal… you meet people everyday… and I’m sure by my senior year here I’ll have met a large portion of my class. But I’m not talking about just the friends here that I’ve met and go to school with though those are fresh in my mind. I came to a conclusion. There is a large difference between some of the relationships like when I have met these people on my own compared to when I am just merely introduced by someone else.

These stick out in my head. They have a story to tell. These stories mean so much to me. They tell me a lot about the relationship I’ve built up, where they are today, and a lot about myself.

As I continue to grow up, I notice that I am beginning to be less afraid of people. One of my goals on 43 Things is that one day I will feel comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with anyone. It wouldn’t matter who it was, where I was, I would just do it. And I think I would be really proud of myself if I could achieve this.

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