Written by Katie
18 Dec 2009

School Rivalry – The Right Way



Today, I discovered a very interesting video circulating on YouTube. 500 students from Shorewood High School had come together to create this music video to Hall and Oats’ You Make My Dreams Come True,” after they were challenged by their rival Shorecrest High School. The whole video was filmed backwards! It’s amazing and totally worth the watch. The second video is from Shorecrest. Which do you think is better?

In the past I have seen high school rivalry become downright ugly. I was disappointed to hear earlier this year that there was graffiti written all over the walls, a fire starting, and a classroom window broken. All in one night.

Is this really what school rivalry is all about? Do we have to damage things to make a statement about who’s school is better? This incident will not be the last. The younger generation will hear about it and will always try to upstage them. At what point do we realize it’s time to grow up? You’re hating a school for what? Because you’re supposed to. Because the older kids did and you have to too.

Thank you Shorewood and Shorecrest for participating in a school rivalry that shows spirit, fun, class, and maturity.

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