29 Dec 2009

Girl tells the world that girls don’t need to go to college

The article was written in 2006. Want some more irony? She was in college when she wrote this article on the school’s newspaper.

Lynzee Stauss thought she knew what she was talking about when she argued that men should go to college to support their families, but that women should just marry rich. If this article had been written before the 1900’s, this might have been more believable. In 2006 though? Really? What world is she living in?

No thanks, I would not prefer to get my nails done everyday.


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  1. Anthony Palumbo wrote:

    The author of this blog post thought they knew what they were talking about, but failed to realize a basic part of the English language is something Plato called Rhetoric. In particular, a basic part of rhetoric called sarcasm.The jokes on you.

    Posted on 1.25.12 · Reply to comment
    • Anon Y Mouse wrote:

      The author of this reply tried to sound like they weren’t an idiot by using big kid words like rhetoric, but they were betrayed by their inability to use an apostrophe. The joke’s on you. See? Punctuation is good for you. Try it.

      Posted on 1.25.12 · Reply to comment
  2. Anthony Palumbo wrote:

    Point proven.

    Posted on 1.25.12 · Reply to comment
  3. who replies to a post that’s over 3years old? hmm gg

    Posted on 1.25.12 · Reply to comment
  4. Beyotch wrote:

    stoopid snob’s!! I’m votin fer Mitt!

    Posted on 10.6.12 · Reply to comment
  5. Name wrote:

    She was in high school when she wrote this, not in college. I went to school with her and she didn’t graduate until 2008. She’s still stupid though.

    Posted on 6.28.13 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      Thanks for the clarification!

      Posted on 6.28.13 · Reply to comment

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