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01 Jan 2010

20 Favorite Posts!

It is a tedious and challenging task having to go through all of your posts in one year to weed out your favorites. Something… I don’t really want to ever do it again. BUT it’s important that I share with you my favorite 20. Over the course of this year, some posts have made it to the top [or the front page of WordPress] that I really don’t think are all that deserving of that title. I like all my posts of course, but there are some that I believe, have a larger message. There are some that I put a lot of time into working on that receive no attention at all. Yet, the whole world cares more about Dora the Explorer, Megan Fox, and the new Tinkerbell. So I’m allowing you all to see my favorite posts again resurfaced! These are for the most part in no order – I don’t have time to truly give them a number ranking.

20. New Directions

Why: If you don’t know where to look, you will never find it. Believe it or not, men care about their appearances just as much as women. Maybe they won’t admit, but that’s okay. I’m not asking you to. I wanted to highlight some well made websites and blogs  for men that focus on dress and lifestyle. It’s okay to want to look good. 🙂

19. Life as a Seattlelite

Why: One of my best friends Jeanette reminded me this past summer that it is always important to explore where you are from. I’ve lived in and around Seattle my entire life and I can safely say that no experience is the same. People from Seattle don’t know this, but there is so much more  than downtown and the Space Needle and Seattle Center. There are various neighborhoods – each a part of the city, but with its own individual personality. That day, we explored three prominent locations in the Seattle area: Pike Place Market, Gasworks, and the Fremont Troll.

18. Connie is a Graduate

Why: When Connie graduated and also left Chictopia, she left her fans a video of ten life lessons. These are lessons that I take to heart because I trust Connie. She has always been right about everything that I have learned from her. She is also a strong, ambitious, and intelligent young woman. I hope that someday, I will be able to follow in her successful footsteps.

17. A More Extensive “About Me” – Private

Why: You won’t be able to figure me out just by looking at me. Marcus asking me that question helped me to figure out how exactly I wanted to portray myself to others and how I see myself.

16. 50 Londoners One Question

Why: I am always so intrigued by these projects.  This video is inspiring, moving, and beautiful. Words cannot describe this  feeling being able to have a glimpse into someone’s life for one second. Think about this. You walk along the crowded streets and every person you walk by around you has a different story to tell. You, yourself as a person, have gone through a number of experiences and so has everyone else. We have so much to learn from people if we just let them in.

15. I Have No Complaints

Why: Life moves too fast. We don’t appreciate enough of the things we have because we rush off to complain about the next bad thing in our lives. I know that I’m guilty of this sometimes. I’m very lucky to have the people I have in my life. At the end of the day, we choose who we want to be associated with and there’s a reason why we keep certain people around. 🙂


14. Stop Animation

Why: If I had a list for most underrated things in the world, this would be in the top five. I don’t think people realize how much time, work, and planning goes into stop animation. It’s amazing!

13. Seattle Pride / Seattle Pride Street Fashion

Why: Being able to attend Seattle Pride was a special day for me. I have waited years for the chance to go. Everyone at the festival was so happy and so excited about life! When I go to Bumbershoot, I get the “too cool” attitude from some of the attendees. At Folk Life, the atmosphere is incredibly laid back, which can often get boring after some time. Non-stop energy was the theme for Seattle Pride. A beautiful sunny afternoon, outrageous fashion, and friendly faces.


12. There Are Starving Kids Everywhere

Why: 25,000 people around the world die everyday because of hunger and nutrition. Watching this video makes you never want to waste food again.

11. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Why: Not many people can say they have visited the second largest aquarium in the world. Trust me, it is really that amazing. Okinawa will always in some way remind me of home and so does this video because those Barcelona boys are from Sea-town.

10. MTV, Can You Bring These Back Puh-Leeze

Why: No matter what anyone says, I believe that MTV goes through phases. Yes, they have terrible shows sometimes, but wait they have put out some great shows also. I’m not saying that all the ones on this list were amazing, but they were my favorites. In 2010, MTV will be bringing in “My Life As Liz” and “The Buried Life.” These are the shows to watch. Not Jersey Shore.

9. This Space Has Never Felt So Empty – Private

Why: Unfortunately, some of my posts have recently been put on private for the time being. This post was written at a time when every college student asks themselves several questions. Why am I here? Who am I? Who do I want to become? I still don’t know the answers to these questions fully. Maybe we’re not supposed to yet.


8. Children Full of Life

Why: I have a hard time learning when it is reading out of a book or even sometimes just in a lecture. I know…right? College students should definitely not be saying that. I find that I learn best when it is through watching, by experience, or just by example. There is so much to learn in this world and it’s disappointing when you watch people reject it. That’s something I will never understand. Why is it that these school children appear to be more wise and mature than some of our own peers?

7. Seattle University, I Would Like You To Know – private

Why: Why not?! Your freshman year of college will always be one of the best experiences of your life. I couldn’t have asked for a better school year and a better group of friends.

6. Meet: Eleanor Seabird

Why: I had such a great time writing this interview. Eleanor is one incredible woman with an amazing talent. She is still someone that I have kept in touch with since her interview and I am predicting great things to come from her career. The interviews on my blog are one of my favorite posts because they give me the chance to interact with some truly talented people. They’re also fun to write!

5. Call A Carter ’09 – Private… for now

Why: This is one of my favorite videos for so many reasons. 1) It’s not just because I’m in it, but I’m in it with my best friends! 2) We called Aaron Carter and videotaped it. 3) We asked him to plug my blog on his Twitter, which would have given me thousands of hits in one day, but instead I mess up my own URL. Embarrassing.


4. Twilight According to Alex

Why: Twilight like you never seen it before. I lol’ed throughout the whole video. I’ve read the first 20 pages of the first book and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Why continue the rest if I can watch/listen to Alex reading it in a more entertaining way?Something to think about.

3. Inspired?

Why: A simple post with a whole lot of meaning behind it. I love this post not only because I admire, respect, and look up to Bryn, but because she is an incredible educator. I have learned a lot from her over the course of my freshman year. I think as a whole our appreciation towards our teachers and professors is underrated. They deserve a lot more for the work that they do.

2. Seattle Bands You Should Know (Or Listen To)

Why: I spent three days on this post! That’s the most time I’ve ever spent on one post. Seattlelites are so lucky to live in a city with a well-known music scene. I realize I just forgot Death Cab off of the list, but psh that’s a band everyone should ALREADY know of. If you don’t, I’m embarrassed for you. Get your head out of the mainstream already. No matter where I live when I’m older or how old I get, I will always support the local Seattle music scene. Please read this post, I spent an awful lot of time on it and it’s really good. Pictures!

1. All the Collection Part… Posts!

Why: Some of my favorite to make and my favorite to look back on 🙂 They say more than my words do.

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