Written by Katie
28 Jan 2010

Unfriend y/n?

Every now and then I’ll be on Facebook skimming through my newsfeed when something catches my eye for more than two seconds. It’s a “friend” of course, but technically I haven’t talked to this person in months, years? I don’t know anything about their life currently, so I start to ask myself, “Why exactly am I friends with this person?”

Other times, I’ll realize I have way too many of these types of people in my friends list. At this point, I go through the entire list and start deleting people. In a way, it’s sort of like saying… I’m taking you out of my life and preventing you from browsing everything into my life. Seriously, if you think about it, there’s a lot you can learn about someone by just being friends with them on Facebook. You know who they talk to, who they’re friends with, contact info, etc. I have to wonder…if I don’t talk to you, why do you want to be my “friend?” I decided to ask my REAL friends in REAL life and on Facebook this question:

Have you ever deleted a friend off Facebook and why?

“Yes I have, but only after I accept them and realize I don’t know who they are. Usually I just hide people I don’t want to see from my feed.”

“No I haven’t and because I can’t bring myself to do it…in some way we had a good memory so I don’t want to take that one last connection away from it.”

“Yeah, cause I didn’t really know them and because I’ve had frienships end so I’ve deleted people then.

“Yes, two reasons: One someone I accepted just so i could look at their photos…then I delete them lol another reason if they are someone I kind of know and they keep talking to me [on chat] or something I’ll delete them also. Or people I dont talk to anymore that just are no use.”

“Yes because I dont care about what that person thinks is important like if it is someone who always talks about ridiculous parties and stuf or is just annoying and clogs my news feed. I don’t delete people I talk to or talk to me”

“For the most part I don’t delete anyone because of my current quest to achieve 600 friends. When I do delete people it’s because I either don’t talk to them or I want to cut them out of my life.”

“I’ve actually never unfriended anyone…fun fact… unfriend is one of the newest words added to the oxford dictionary.”

“Yes I have. I feel like my facebook has a lot of my life on it, so when I don’t like someone, I dont think they have the right to access my life through Facebook.”

“Yes I have: and I have deleted people who I used to know in high school and we were never really friends back then, I decided to start accepting people that I know and care about.”

“Yes, because they update their status every ten seconds and I can’t even remember who the person is or how I even know them. I have been deleted though by my x-roommate haha”

“Haha yes D— H—-, cause he’s a major creeep!”

“Never a FRIEND because I think that’s immature, but I have deleted people who I went to high school with that I didn’t know that added me because I felt there was no point in convoluding my Facebook with their shit, but that’s it. I think deleting people off of Facebook is just a way of hiding from something you don’t want to face.”

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