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07 Feb 2010


Today, I wrote a paper on what it means to me to have freedom and how this relates to theology and the Christian view. Too many times in my life, I have felt confined. Confined in space, confined for five minutes, confined in good company. To look back on that now is selfish. I get to go to school. I get to pursue whatever I want [and I am!] There are many people in this world that don’t have this privilege. There are some people who will never leave jail ever again.

Photographer Matthew Rainwaters shot this series entitled “Offenders,” which captures a brief overview of two inmates in the Texas Department of Justice. I would post under the cut several photographs, but this one series that I believe you should take a look at for yourself.

Take my word for it.

Click here for the Offender series.

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  1. Catherine wrote:

    The thing is, they shouldn’t have the privilege. They committed crimes, and they are being punished for those crimes.

    I don’t feel like I should feel bad because I have things that prisoners don’t. I didn’t kill my husband, that’s why I get to live my life free and privileged.

    Posted on 2.7.10 · Reply to comment
  2. itsyowyow wrote:

    oh don’t get me wrong, I think their sentence is deserved. It just goes to show what someone’s life is worth.

    Posted on 2.7.10 · Reply to comment

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