Written by Katie
10 Feb 2010

Google Buzz

What’s next? Google is attempting at the social media train right now with their new feature Google Buzz. It’s basically like Facebook and Twitter where you are able to post things such as “what you’re thinking, a link, or a video.” Then this information gets circulated to your other contacts that are “buzzed in” and following you. Hmmm just another way for humans to stay connected. Social media is becoming a little overbearing right now.

Will you try it?

I might try it once just to test it out, but I doubt it will be a regular activity. You can test it now through your Gmail account.

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  1. I agree about the overbearing comment. I just logged onto my PC to see a big message telling me about Google Buzz. I use Gmail so I thought I might as well join, but with all the social networking sites around one could spend all day every day just reading status updates (half of which are exaggerated half truths or designed to project a specific self image people want to create).
    I am already singed up for Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Moolto, MSN Live, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, WordPress, Blogger, Library thing and Goodreads! They need one service that combines all of these!

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  2. Ratol wrote:

    i like blog use
    but benifite unsure

    Posted on 2.17.10 · Reply to comment

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