Month: March 2010

31 Mar 2010

Song of the Day

Freelance Whales – Ghosting

My boss recommended this band to me today while we were bouncing new music off of each other. New loves.

31 Mar 2010

The War Room converts

The old War Room on Pike St. closed last year, but will soon be returning as the Hunter Gatherer Lodge. I didn’t know what that was so I decided to do a little bit of research.

Their Facebook displays the following info:

Price Range:
$$ (10-30)
Takes Reservations
Walk-Ins Welcome
Good For Groups
Waiter Service
Outdoor Seating

I can only assume that it is a new restaurant. It is slated to open on April 9th so someone will have to verify this for me. Kthnx!

31 Mar 2010

For the cocky male

The city of Kawasaki, Japan hosts a special festival every spring dedicated to annual fertility and the male’s favorite member. A Japanese restaurant located in New York will be participating in the special festivities this year as well by rearrange the menu to be more appropriate…or inappropriate? On Thursday, Matsuri will be preparing the “Big Sausage, a Get It Up Hot Pot, and for dessert, a Hard Banana Cream Pie” off their menu.

Get Someeee!

31 Mar 2010

Because not everyone can be a single lady…

I understand where this child is coming from. When someone said I wasn’t something that I thought I was when I was a child I’m sure I reacted the same way hahah

LULZ though… seriously.

31 Mar 2010

Out on the Town: 3/31

For anyone attending John Mayer’s concert tonight at the Key Arena… I am so jealous of you.

31 Mar 2010

Best Friend Informed

Just received this text:

Females who are nervous and anxious are more likely to be bloggers on the internet.

Source? Her psychology professor.

Fact of the day everyone! I feel so much better now 🙂

30 Mar 2010

New Header!

Happy April everyone!

Friendship and family are two very important things to me. In light of Easter, recent good news within my family, and becoming more present to my family of friends at school, I wanted to choose a header that resembled that type of relationship.

30 Mar 2010

Paper Lashes

I have an odd fear when it comes to dealing with eyes. I hate when an eyelash gets stuck in my eye or on my contact. I dislike rubbing my eye for any reason at all. I shed a lot of tears learning how to even learn to put my contacts in. It’s the type of fear that will probably keep me from ever getting lasik eye surgery… though I should.

Paper is the last thing I want to put near my eye. That’s asking for a disastrous paper cut. Somehow designer Chunwei Liao, the founder behind paper and cardboard company, Paperself, has managed to make these paper lashes beautiful. They come in five intricately designed paper lashes  and are represented by Chinese symbols resembling love, success, and happiness.


30 Mar 2010

Song of the Day

Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed

I realize I’m jumping on the band wagon kind of late with this band. I just started listening to their music not too long ago. This is the first single off of their new album Champ, which will be released June 8th.


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