Written by Katie
01 Mar 2010

Bloggers to the Front

First Tavi took Fashion Week by storm, now this girl gets the chance of a lifetime to sit in front row of New York’s fashion week. It’s cool, it’s only been my dream for like five years… as long as she (above) has been alive. Turns out this was a prank that Racked.com pulled on the new famous bloggers that have taken over the front row giving the celebrities the boot. I am jealous.

What did her notes look like exactly? Extensive and detailed I’m sure with sketches to match.

Here’s what little Katie had to say about her experiences during Fashion Week:

I went to the Hautelook lounge and had three donuts. I met Carlota, the vice president of Hautelook, and I interviewed her about her job. I told her my favorite color is turquoise, like the flower on her necklace. Then I put on some glitter make-up and lip gloss, talked on my favorite pink phone, and checked my email. Carlota gave me a goody bag with beauty products I’m going to give to my mom and a gift certificate to Hautelook.com that I’m going to share with my big brother.

Um, so cute!!!



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