Written by Katie
13 Mar 2010

We don’t ask to be role models

A lot of things that Taylor Momsen usually says leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. She’s a sixteen-year old girl who displays this attitude of “not giving a f—,” but I can’t help but wonder every time if this is just some sort of an act. Why so much angst? 

In a recent interview w/ Parade, Taylor Momsen finally said something that made sense. For the first time, I have found myself agreeing with her. 

“I don’t read that crap that describes me as having an attitude, but I don’t know why that’s a bad thing. Attitude is in the eye of the beholder. I didn’t get into this to be a role model for 7-year-olds. I have no interest in doing that, you know? If parents don’t like some of the stuff I do then they shouldn’t let their kids watch me.

 I smoke, so what? Why do people give a sh*t what a 16-year-old girl who they’ve never met does? It’s not like I’m sitting there going, ‘Kids, you should go buy a pack of cigarettes.’ When I walk outside with a cigarette and someone takes a picture of it and puts it on the Internet, it’s not my problem. I’m just living my life and I’m not gonna live my life for other people.”

She makes a good point. She’s no Miley, Selena, Demi, or Taylor Swift. She wasn’t in this to have little girls looking up to her. There are plenty of other 16-year old girls that smoke, I remember it around me in high school. So I guess…good for Taylor, for not conforming to be that role model. There are enough of those out there right now anyways.

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  1. Daph wrote:

    she might not have said it in the most appropriate way (and maybe that’s just part of the point) but i also agree with her statement. i think the media keeps attacking her unfairly

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