Written by Katie
17 Mar 2010

Stress Reliever

“Hey babes! Do you want a hand massage?” When you are in finals mode there is no time to do anything but cram. You don’t eat, you don’t sleep, you don’t even talk to anyone. At least I try not to anyways! My good friend was trying to cheer me up buttercup, but with a final the next day I wanted that A more than a hand massage.

I believe that there’s no such thing as being stress-free. At some point in our lives, we get stressed. In the UK 74% of workers have admitted to feelings of stress daily. As a way to relieve this stress, The National Trust left open jars in calming areas such as gardens, seaside resorts, and forests before they were tightened up, sealed, and labeled. The solution apparently was fresh air! Each jar contains about 0.42 grams of fresh air, which supposedly will de-stress you for ten minutes.

I wonder how the air in those places would differ and if I would actually be able to tell. The next time you feel stressed, just run out from your building and get some. The only location of air I would not suggest doing that is LA.


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