Written by Katie
23 Mar 2010

This is why we can have nice things


My news feed is bombarded with Facebook statuses that are constantly putting down the health care bill. Why can’t people be happy for good things? Some of the messages are negative because they don’t like Obama… a little butt hurt still? Really? Others don’t want to pay more taxes and all I can think of is, “How much of a prick do you feel like right now?” It’s selfish to think that you would only want to be concerned about yourself in these types of situation when we should all be doing our part in doing what we can. I’m not trying to start some comment war or anything … those things happen sometime, but just imagine if you were in Marcelas’s shoes. By the way Marcelas Owens is a young activist from Seattle who lost his mother because of a lack of health insurance.


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  1. galapogos wrote:

    All of the Americans I know are extremely happy about the bill being passed. As for myself, I’m just wondering what took you guys so long. I couldn’t imagine living in a country as wealthy as the United States and not having some kind of universal health care. We definitely take it for granted here.

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  2. Nick wrote:

    the idea that a goverment can mandate an individual to buy something they don’t want is very troublesome. people like myself believe this is a severe encroachment on individual liberty. and its scary. (LIBERTARIANS UNITE!)

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  3. galapogos wrote:

    Sometimes you have to put the needs of many ahead of the needs of a few. Its often said that you can tell a lot about a society by how they treat the worst off, and its about time that the US helped out the less fortunate. After all, the US is the only developed nation that doesn’t provide universal healthcare for its citizens.

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