Written by Katie
13 Apr 2010

Surgery – it’s the new black

I’m tired of hearing about all of this surgery talk going around. Even hearing about Megan Fox’s surgeries for the first time were overbearing. Then came Heidi Montag and her ten in one day. They weren’t even that significant because she got a boob job on top of another boob job and then something crazy, which involved “carving out her back.”

I’ve officially decided that getting surgery is the act of being overly self-conscious. I don’t expect you to agree with me on that statement. I understand that it is quite controversial. Unless you need surgery for your nose to help you breathe, then I just don’t see the point. Maybe you messed something up in an accident – that’s okay. I might even be okay with Kate Gosselin’s tummy tuck after having her eight kids. What I’m not okay with is that show they once had on FOX called The Swan. Who’s idea was that? Those women ended up having multiple surgeries that were even more ridiculous. What a terrible show… to have your loved ones nominate you as being “ugly” and then having you be on this show requiring you to receive lots of surgery so that you can be “a swan.”

Nowadays, people are living with the idea that surgery can fix anything. It is the solution to everything. Surgeon Bai Helong has now decided that people should have surgery to “fix” their height. Yes, this has been an issue for some men and women alike, but is it really necessary? Apparently, he has found a safe way to give an extension to legs in order to make his patients “grow a few inches.”

“By cutting through the tibia and the fibula below the knee and screwing braces on the inner part of his patients’ legs, Helong begins the four-(yes, four)-month-long process of stretching the legs. In that period of time, an extra two to three inches are added, but the patient is required to stay immobile. The surgery will set you back about $11,000 and it takes about 4 months before you can even think about walking again, but in the end, you will be a few centimeters taller.”

A study has also shown that women who are taller get paid more. Yeah, I’ll keep my 11,000 and four months of being able to walk instead.


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