Elliott Bay Book Co. to Capitol Hill!

Today, happened to be one of those days where I realized how much I loved living in Seattle. It was a gorgeous day despite my own rain cloud over my head because I missed the Outnet.com’s $1 sale on designer items at 3:46 AM, but other than that… solid. My evening was spent with my dear friend Megan as we ventured over to Broadway to Pho Than Brothers, through Cal Anderson Park stopping at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream and then hitting up the new Elliott Bay Book Co. The book store is amazing. The grand opening was yesterday and even though I missed it by a day – it really didn’t change much because the fresh smell of the wood was still looming inside. It was somewhat crowded, which is understandable for only being a day old. I never imagined what it would be like to have a bookstore in Capitol Hill nor did I realize how close it would be to my school. My only wish is that there were more tables and chairs because it would be a prime study spot. If you get a chance to stop into the store, take it!

1521 10th Ave Seattle WA 98122


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One thought on “Elliott Bay Book Co. to Capitol Hill!

  1. Heather says:

    Going to check it out as soon as I finish some homework today. :)

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