Month: April 2010

28 Apr 2010

Womp Womp Breakfast

Happy Mission Day students!

Lucky for us, we had the day off!

I’d like to share with you a little story about the “Womp Womp Breakfast,” a term that my best friends and I made up in our freshman year of college. In fact, I’m sure there is at least one person womping on campus today. After a long night out, the “womping student,” drags their feet as they make their way up the stairs of the student center to nom on breakfast. At the bottom of the stairs, the top seems like you’re climbing a mountain. When you finally arrive, you see the many options before you, but none of it looks appetizing. You either make your way back to your table with a Naked juice or a plate full of food that you will not even finish. Meanwhile, your friends are all in the same situation. You don’t speak because you are all wompers. Womp Womp.

Aside from water and Gatorade, there are 15 things voted by PopCrunch as the best hangover foods.

You’re welcome – – > PopCrunch

2. Pho

28 Apr 2010

China Playing Dirrrrty

This past Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee made the decision to strip China’s Gymnastics team of their bronze medal after discovering one gymnast was underage during the 2000 Olympic games.

The United States will be receiving the bronze instead. (YAYAYA!)

It turns out that during the Olympic games in Sydney, Australia, one of their athletes was only 14 years old. According to the rule book, you must be at least 16 – not pre-teen status basically.


This is how it begins.

28 Apr 2010

New Header!

Welcome to May! [Almost]

I believe the photo above comes from Coachella,  but I am not certain. Coachella has already passed, but you know what else is coming up this month?! Folk Life. Sasquatch. QUADSTOCK.

The music festivals haven’t ended yet yo. They’re just beginning.

May is pretty much the best month ever to be in school. So live it up, be free, be yourself.

28 Apr 2010

AOL Mystery Flyer

I love airports. I don’t enjoy the build up that leads to flying… taking off or even landing. Those make me anxious. I’ve decided though that I am intrigued by the energy that surrounds airports. Everyone there has a story to tell. I’ve met some pretty interesting people through my flights… a boy one year younger than me when I was 13 who lived nearby and would later end up attending a rival high school of mine. An elderly couple that made sure I was okay after the two kids in front of me threw up their Happy Meals mid-flight. I now wish I would’ve kept a journal of all these people that I’ve encountered along the way.

For the most part, I’ve been lucky to be in the presence of nice passengers. There are some people that are not so lucky though.  Flying makes people uneasy – it’s kind of a known fact. When people are uneasy, they become demanding. AOL Mystery Flyer documents the travels of one person (it’s a mystery I don’t know the gender!) flying on ten different flights over the next few weeks on major airline. He will then be judging each airline with a report card based on six areas regarding customer service. These demands are the typical demands any normal passenger would ask, but more heightened ranging from switching seats before a flight, and asking for certain things while on a flight.

To read about the travels of the AOL Mystery Flyer click here

The first report card is for Jet Blue. I really like them and they rank second for me behind Virgin America.

27 Apr 2010

IHOP wants you to be fat

Remember my last post about the KFC Double Down Sandwich? I called the image of this sandwich terrifying. And it is.

KFC can’t take all the credit for obesity though, now IHOP wants in on it too.

Meet your match: The creamcheese stuffed pancakes. Oh lord…

The good news? This is only on the menu for a limited time. They don’t want you to overdose.


27 Apr 2010

David and Kate

These two people were your everyday average normies. Then one day, David destroyed Kate.

1) This is not a story I made up

2) I promise the ending is worth it.

Here’s some background information.

David Thorne is a popular Australian author. He was once known for attempting to pay a $233 bill with a drawing of a seven-legged spider. Not so successful – but necessary to know. It’s background information.

Then one day Kate decided to throw a party and David made her the most popular girl. Who wouldn’t want that?

Kate made a Facebook event page for her party entitled, “Kate’s Party.” Simple enough. David just wanted Kate’s party to be a hit – a rager if you will – so he tweeted it.

Read more “David and Kate”

27 Apr 2010

Song of the Day

The Lonely Forest – We Sing in Time

Locals from Anacortes, WA

They’re fantastic!

27 Apr 2010

M.I.A. Born Free

The newly released music video for M.I.A.’s Born Free has already been removed from YouTube and is officially banned. The music video to me resembled more of a short film with her single as the backing track. After hearing about this controversy yesterday, I spent last night and this morning searching for it. Was it really as bad as everyone said it was?

Yes. The cinematography was good, but the video did not sit well with me. The 9-minute movie shows armed “soldiers” executing a number of red-headed males. Not only does the video show graphic violence, there is some nudity and language.

Watching this video made me feel very uncomfortable and while I respect M.I.A. as a talented artist, that does not mean I have to approve of this. I don’t think I could watch it again. I think my emotions toward “Born Free” are heightened moreso now because of an article I read yesterday about how three high school senior girls had kidnapped a girl who had red hair after months of tormenting. After kidnapping her, they then proceeded to beat her incessantly and tried to push her over a cliff.

Not to bring you down so early in the day, but I am confused as to why this is becoming an issue again. Granted, I understand that this video was made before the incident, but maybe there could have been another direction for M.I.A. ?

To view the video click here


27 Apr 2010

Little Einstein

Einstein was born last Thursday, April 22nd, but has set the world record as being the world’s smallest newborn horse. The current record was 9lbs but Einstein was just 6lbs!



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