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02 Jun 2010

The Show that never ends

But you know what? This is a counter post because I don’t want this show to end! What show am I talking about? Degrassi. Degrassi the old generation, Degrassi the new generation. The secret to success for keeping a show alive for this long is switching out the characters. The show succeeds because unlike Glee or The OC (I’m not hating – I really do love these shows as well) the actors playing the characters are actually the same age as normal high school students. It’s believable and realistic. Well, some of it is realistic.

I haven’t always had access to this channel. To this day, I still don’t. I have to watch it on my OnDemand, but luckily I caught my new favorite episode on MTV this past weekend in which Declan finally told Holly J those three words that every girl wants to hear. “I love you.” It’s corny, I know, but even if you haven’t heard it – just watching the scene will still melt you heart. I’m going to further spoil this episode for you in telling you that in this episode they were almost going to have to have a long distance relationship. That was until Declan decided to get Holly J a summer internship in his city. (He was moving to New York) Swoon.

Spoilers of a great episode aside, I am pleased to announce that Degrassi is coming out with a new television movie. “Degrassi Takes Manhattan.” The old gang is back and Manhattan also means we get to see the summer romance of Declan and Holly J. Let’s hope! The movie will air Friday, July 16th on both Teen Nick and Much Music.

Because who doesn’t love Declan?

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